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I Colombian Coffee Roasting Championship

I Colombian Coffee Roasting Championship

The roasting process plays an indispensable role in the final quality of a cup of coffee. Through this process of physical - chemical transformation of the green coffee bean, the attributes and organoleptic properties of Colombian coffee are potentiated, differentiating it from other coffees in the market.

What is the job of a coffee roaster?

It is one of the fundamental pieces in the production chain, being responsible for understanding, analyzing and projecting in a sensory experience the work of the producer. It is responsible for making that all the work of the producer at the origin can be reflected in the final cup, helping who is going to prepare it to be a unique experience.
The 1st Coffee Roasting Championship competitors will be evaluated on their performance. Evaluating the quality of green coffee (coffee classification), development of a roasting profile that better emphasizes the desirable characteristics of that coffee and in this way the final quality in cup is maximized.
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