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XIV Colombian Barista Championship

XIV Colombian Barista Championship

The Colombian Barista Championship is a competition organized by Café de Colombia and endorsed by the World Coffee Events. This competition brings together the best baristas in Colombia to choose a winner who will represent Colombia at the World Barista Championship 2020.
During the event the baristas compete in three rounds: a qualifying round, a semifinal with 12 competitors and a final round with 6 competitors; where they are evaluated by a group of judges comprised of 4 sensory judges, 2 technical judges and a leading judge. 
The presentation of each barista consists of 15 minutes where he/she must prepare 4 beverages with milk, 4 espressos and 4 designer beverages; where the competitor develops his/her creativity and dexterity to create an attractive and individual proposal that contains at least an espresso (without alcohol).
Participation types:
  • Those who want to be part of the Colombian Barista Championship can do so either as a contestant or as a sponsor.
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